My name is Derek Hazelwood and for over 40 years i have been a collector of interesting vintage collectables. It first started with sport memorbilia and coins but through my glass business i developed a love for all things vintage . I was lucky enough to travel the world and collect alot of different things, vintage hockey photos and hockey cards from 1940s and up as well i have a supply of extreme rare tin toys ,dolls gold coins and alot of 18th and 19th century coins and stamps as well furniture and lighting clocks and jewellry,,die cast dinky corgi schuco tri-ang Spot- on .Ive also collected some real valuable pieces of art ,from Burliuk Remington,Lismer,Silva etc...In the last few years i have had interest in toys along with music instruments and music lps and memorbillia ,as well vintage from the Orient ,Africa .Middle east,all through europe as well Russia,not forgetting that Canada is a young country with many items from the old country as well native art .I have opened a little stand at the 400 antique market from the antique road show .I thank you so much for visiting my shop.As well in the next 6 months i will be opening a collectable and antique outing on my Ranch at HAZY LANE FARMS where you can come and brouse around on the 110 acres that has a trout river running through it and 5 kms of nature trails with horses and livestock to entertain . all are welcome . .i have learned to fill my store with items that are mostly found through research and items that are the rarest in each collectable genre
Derek Hazelwood
shop phone 7054354096